Debuting as a book blogger

Greetings and Welcome to my blog fellow readers,

Firstly I’d like to thank you for stumbling upon my site and I ask for your patience as it’s still in its early stages of finding its footing much like how we were back in kindergarten; naive in life’s experiences yet carried a heart full of gold and potential.

First off, I have always been passionate about reading and lately I’ve been itching to create a visible space for people to share and exchange views on books that are enjoyable or even a struggle to complete.

On the tangent of sharing and receiving, I noticed that I have always sought out for kindred-hearted book bloggers here in my home country: ‘Bahrain’ but alas I failed to find them.

That being said, my blog stands here, earnestly waving a white flag of friendship among the international and the local book community as a reminder to settle the unrest in our fast paced lives and acquire the practice of chilling while reading. Admittedly, I’m constantly victimized by life’s distractions which make it difficult to silence the noise in my mind after a day’s worth of work when I pick up a book.

My advice is to practice the habit of pushing yourself to compartmentalize your thoughts. It’s not easy at first, I mean it took me three years to get the gist of it (not that I’m proud). Do not wait for that moment of ‘Zen’ because although peaceful moments in life may come, they are very brief so why don’t we win over life’s woes? I realize that this post is starting to sound much like a weight loss motivational speech but this applies to every aspect in life.

Now, what led me to this moment of blogging was to reach out to the community of readers and share my views on wonderful books. I feel like I’m taking a step forward to a new world where authors and reviewers can actually communicate and meet each other half way. I aspire to review books including ones written by up and coming authors and even get a chance to interview them *winks at Melina Marchetta, Megan Whalen Turner, Neal Shusterman and Frances Hardinge!*

I’m aware that existing platforms are out there (like Goodreads, which is fantastic by the way) but I’d like to establish myself here cause I enjoy reviewing based on my standards. I’m working on a review policy which doesn’t give too much way to subjectivity.

Thank you Dear Reader for taking the time to read all this so I ask you to join me and share feedback for improvement as this blog is not self sustainable yet. There are worlds awaiting to be penetrated to our minds. Undiscovered magical reads (see what I did there) in libraries to be visited so let’s break out of our routines and embrace beautiful organic activities such as reading!


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