The Queen’s Thief Series Review

Author: Megan Whalen Turner

Genre: Young Adult, Historical, Fantasy, Politics, Romance

Format: Paperback/Hardback

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This Young-adult Fantasy is a series one definitely must read before their last day on earth. Megan Whalen Turner’s writing is mastered with grace and thoughtfulness. No wonder she took her time between the releases of every book; she made every sentence fruitful.

The story is set in Greek-like fictional countries i.e. Eddis, Sounis, Attolia and Mede where citizens of neighboring countries look upon each other with caution and distrust. The readers are introduced to a rebellious main character named “Gen” (which is short for “Eugenides”) sets out on a mission to steal the precious stone called “Hamiathes’s Gift”. This journey is anything but typical. “The Thief”, as the first book is a brief introduction and a slow yet very critical build up towards its sequels: “Queen of Attolia”, “King of Attolia”, “A Conspiracy of Kings” and “Thick as Thieves”.

You will be in a constant state of wonder and fascination as the main elements that will draw you in are character driven and political. I was blown away by how complex the political unrest was and I loved that questions arose in my mind in relation to the gray areas of politics as this rings true to life.

Pick this series up and fill your mind with an experience like no other. A story enriched with plot twists and breathtaking character development, this series is what mankind needs to delve into.



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