The Final Empire (Mistborn Trilogy)



Author: Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Magic, Adult, Politics

Format: Paperback

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


In the Central Dominance was a region called ‘The Final Empire’, where a Hero rose up the ranks and dubbed himself as “Lord Ruler” and reigned with terror. In the heart of this region was its capital “Luthadel” where ash would unexplainably fall, and the pastures were lifeless and brown. People of different classes such as noblemen and the peasants also known as skaa accepted this way of life and even believed the lord ruler to be an omnipotent god. Frustration, misery and anger were masked by fear of executions, but hope illuminated one day when a half-skaa called Kelsier spread word of a future with a free humane government. Layers of truth started to uncover when it was revealed that he was a Mistborn, a being who had access to the power of Alomancy which was the act of becoming empowered by different types of metals. His existence was shunned by the current government but Kelsier hid his true nature and planned to recruit an army to topple lord ruler’s government. Political intrigue, the reminder of human vulnerability and hope ensue.

This was my first experience reading a Brandon Sanderson story so based on the rave reviews I was in for a bibliophilic ride. I thought that I have read books based on rich world building but not until I set my eyes on ‘The Final Empire’. The setting, characters, action scenes, special abilities i.e. the Allomancers and Allomantic abilities and politics were fleshed out into such an awesome expansive storytelling experience.

The characters’ emotions felt real as they tried to acknowledge the impossible and perilous task of overthrowing the lord ruler and we learn how each individual had to overcome obstacles before achieving their goal. I must also add an honourable mention to Brandon for ensuring that we feel that this would not be an instantaneous event. I was constantly reminded that a lot of hard work, planning and harmonious team effort had to go on behind the scenes before reaching the ultimate goal. It was beautiful to see that even in the dimmest of hearts caused by monotonous living, change can occur one heart at a time.

As this is a trilogy, I cannot wait to check out “The Well of Ascension”. I’m slightly ashamed for not having read any of Sanderson’s works prior to this but it’s never too late.


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