The Place on Dalhousie



Author: Melina Marchetta

Genre: Domestic Fiction

Format: Paperback

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐



Our main characters Rosie and Jimmy are brought together by fate through similar circumstances and somehow click romantically for a couple of weeks until they had to part ways. A year later Rosie finds herself with more responsibilities and Jimmy re-enters her life.

Although this is Melina’s comeback since ‘Tell the Truth shame the Devil’, ‘The Place on Dalhousie’ revisits characters from ‘Saving Francesca’ and ‘The Piper’s Son’.

I literally can’t help but love almost everyone in this book. It’s incredibly humane and gives life to  characters even those with the least amount of appearances end up becoming ‘scene stealers’. The theme of ‘The Place on Dalhousie’ is about embracing the sense of belonging, the meaning of home, and regaining lost love.

This book like most of Melina’s works is about healing through the support of loved ones and strangers. No matter how terrible your circumstances and how lonely and downtrodden you feel, opening up will help in confronting your fears and anxieties. You’ll never know how fate will somehow lead you to a community of people who actually care and will be there to support you regardless of the wall you have built around you.

Tears started welling up as I truly felt that I understood the characters’ struggles and the words beautifully expressed nuanced emotions which are challenging to express in reality. I find reading Melina’s books very therapeutic and I look forward to her next masterpiece.



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