The Eye of the World (WOT: 1)

Title: The Eye of the World (WOT: 1)

Author: Robert Jordan

Genre: High Fantasy

Format: Paperback

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Simply put, The Eye of the World‘s story revolves around three farm boys: Rand, Matt and Perrin confronting the truth about mythical creatures and being enforced to escape from their lives by embarking on an adventure that will change their lives forever.


I thought that I had my fair share of accomplishing monster sizes of High Fantasy until now *I’m looking at you Brandon*

Unlike most people’s journeys I haven’t been exposed to Robert Jordan’s works until I came across Brandon Sanderson and I hesitated to invest because it’s such a well loved series and Robert Jordan is highly revered among the fantasy authors and fans.

From the get go, the story was very interesting and rich in world building. I’d say it’s the densest from all the fantasies I’ve read so far (I ashamedly haven’t read LOTR yet) including high numbers of character names, locations and fantastical creatures I couldn’t keep a track of.

At some point I almost dropped the book until I came across Daniel Greene’s YouTube video offering tips on how to start reading the WOT series and he highly recommended the audio book. I took his golden advice to heart and boy was he right. 

The audio book was fantastic but it didn’t compensate for my main complaint which was the overdone descriptions and expositions which can be deemed as both good and bad.

It’s good because Robert Jordan, being the all-knowing WOT architect shared the whole world for us to visualize easily but the overt details burst my bubble such as descriptions of clothing were too excessive for my taste but others may really appreciate this.

I was impressed that this book was easy to get into and still remains classical and ahead of its time in some respects. The prologue to me was outstanding which is a shame that the rest of the book didn’t live up to it but then again that’s why the series spans over 14 books *Lord help us noobs*

Overall, Jordan’s writing is wonderful and simple yet captures the humane nuances which carries over to the fantastical world very well.

I’m not sure how soon I’ll be going for the sequel but I definitely will. 


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